Peter tries to end things with an enraged Tina

Much to Peter’s relief, Tina’s test confirms she’s not pregnant, but Tina feels bitter that she’s back to square one as the mistress. She’s further enraged when Peter tells her they have to stop seeing each other. Playing a risky game, he tells Tina she can’t waste her life on an old man and that he doesn’t want any more children and he knows she does. However, Tina refuses to accept this and vows to find out the real reason he’s ending their affair.

Anna tells Valerie she needs her help because Phelan has been blackmailing them. Valerie remains guarded so Anna bites the bullet and admits Pat made a pass at her!

A curious Eva spots Kal and Leanne talking about Nick’s suspicions. Leanne touchily thinks Nick should mind his own business.

Also, Mary looks on admiringly as an energised Norris pumps iron in the gym; Peter delights in telling Rob and Tracy that they must cough up the rent or vacate the shop, but when Tony overhears, he offers Rob and Tracy some cheap gear to sell.