Ian says he’ll speak to Carl when Peter insists he shouldn’t lie in court and wants to go to the police. Carl is menacing when Ian wants to back out of giving the false statement, and Ian soon changes his mind. When Peter sees an upset Lauren he feels guilty, visiting Carl to tell him to back off. Carl isn’t bothered, but Peter says if Ian cracks under the pressure he’ll take Carl with him. Later, David finds a badly beaten Peter.

Kirsty’s under pressure when a loan shark turns up at the Brannings’, threatening to send in a bailiff if they don’t pay up. Lauren’s furious that Kirsty has got the household into even more trouble. Desperate for cash, when Kirsty loses her job on the stall she visits Carl as a last resort, giving in when he passionately kisses her.

David tells Carol that Bianca has asked him to stick around for a while. Claiming he wants to keep an eye on Terry to make sure he’s good enough for his daughter, David tries to have a word with Terry in the pub. Terry gets in first – he knows what David is going to say and he promises that he loves Bianca and won’t hurt her.