Peter notices an empty unit at the end of the street and takes Bill to look round the premises with him. Leanne’s stunned when he later takes her to have a look and tells her he thinks they should buy the property and open a bar together.

Kevin and Molly arrive back from Chester and Sally confesses to being surprised as she thought it would have taken longer to get back from Glasgow. Sally reminds Kevin it’s their wedding anniversary and suggests he should claim compensation from the train company for the extra hotel night. Kevin’s evasive and starting to sweat about all the lies he’s told. Meanwhile, Tyrone tells Molly how much he’s missed her. But Molly accuses him of being pathetic and ends up feeling awful.

Lloyd finds Teresa in the back of his cab after she’s spent the night there. He takes pity on her and gives her breakfast but explains that she needs to sort things out with Darryl.

Also; Norris is determined to persevere with Sheila; Liz winds Deirdre up about being married to a 70 year old; Tony, Maria and baby Liam arrive back from Paris.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin desperately lies to Sally saying the reason his photo isn’t on any websites is because he pulled out of the race after 2 miles and Molly kindly stopped to help him. Amused Sally believes him and they head for an anniversary drink in the Rovers.

Leanne asks Peter if running a bar is really the right thing for a recovering alcoholic but Peter assures her he’ll be fine. Ken, Deirdre and Blanche think it’s a recipe for a disaster – and are convinced Leanne must be behind the whole thing. Peter’s angry at their lack of confidence in him and storms out of the Rovers with Leanne not far behind.

Lloyd is enjoying being the DJ at Ken and Emily’s party. He asks Liz for a dance and tries to kiss her but is mortified when she pushes him away. Feeling humiliated he starts chatting to Teresa and discovers they share the same taste in music, enjoying her company he invites her back to his flat and as they get drunk on tequila one thing leads to another.

Also; Norris sacks Sheila from the Kabin and for the first time she is rendered speechless; Tony and Maria starting planning baby Liam’s christening.

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