Peter warns Glenda off Ian

Ian meets Jane in the Vic. Glenda turns up and makes a catty remark to Jane. Peter is furious that Ian didn’t stand up for Jane and has it out with him. Ian begs Peter not to tell Jane about his fling with Glenda. Peter tells Glenda to stay away from his dad. Glenda accuses Peter of pushing her down the stairs. Phil is on the doorstep and overhears the whole conversation…

Ryan and Stacey’s announcement that they want to be together goes down like a lead balloon with the Slaters and the Butchers! Lauren is disturbed to witness Max’s reaction as he’s clearly shaken after witnessing the kiss. Max brushes off Lauren’s concerns and says he’s popping over to see Jim, but instead confronts Stacey about her relationship with Ryan.

Lauren is outraged when she sees Max leaving the Slaters’, not the Brannings’. Lauren sees Janine going back to the flat and follows her. Lauren hands Janine a mobile phone and leaves. Janine plays the media file on the phone and is delighted as she hears Stacey confessing to killing Archie…

Also, Fatboy panics when he’s told he’s got to sing the solo in the choir; Denise’s day gets worse when the bathroom floods.

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