Peter’s depressed that he’s heard nothing from his dad since his arrest but Deirdre admits to Tracy she hasn’t told Ken about Peter’s predicament. Meanwhile, when Deirdre opens a letter asking Ken to attend a WW1 commemoration ceremony, she unearths Uncle Albert’s Military Medal. Tracy’s unimpressed until Deirdre mentions it’s worth a lot of money.

Neil begs Andrea to give him another chance but her mind is made up, and telling Neil she doesn’t love him any more, she leaves. Andrea bursts into tears on Steve, telling him how much she loves Lloyd and asking him to try and talk him round. As Steve gives Andrea a hug, Neil watches from a distance. Suspecting Steve of being Andrea’s other man, Neil gets into his cab and starts asking Steve some probing questions.

Owen’s downbeat as he shows Anna the summons he’s received for a bankruptcy hearing. Anna promises him they’ll get through it together.

Also, when Roy asks Sharif to put up his petition in the gym, protesting at the closure of the library, he’s interested to learn that Yasmeen is the Chief Librarian.