Stunned Drew can’t believe his dad Peter is standing right in front of him and demands to know what’s going on – he thought he was dead. Peter explains he got into trouble after he brought down a mafia-style family in the 1990s for importing drugs. After the entire Gillen family were jailed, one of them – Dennis Gillen’s wife – was murdered in her cell. Blaming Peter, Dennis vowed to kill him in revenge. When Dennis was later released from prison, witness protection decided to remove Peter from society by pretending he was dead, getting Dr Green at the hospital to say that Jack had received Peter’s liver.

Peter then confirms to an astounded Drew that Dennis’s thugs had discovered he was still alive and were trying to get him out of hiding by threatening his son. Now, the only way Peter can protect Drew is to turn himself in to Gillen. Just then, a car pulls up with Frank and Dennis inside, and they agree to Peter’s pleas to let Drew go. Devastated Drew heads into the bush land and breaks down when he hears a gunshot. Meanwhile, the police are on the case and track down Drew before heading to the house where they amazingly find Peter alive!

Also, Rachel discovers Martha’s blood is a match for Jack.
* Screened on RTE, Thursday 8th February *