Ken excitedly plans a party tea as Peter arrives home. He’s thrilled to see Simon and hands him the diary he kept in prison. Steve shakes Peter’s hand and offers an awkward apology. Meanwhile, when Carla takes the factory girls to the Rovers to celebrate a new order, Peter enters and locks eyes with her.

Eaten up with guilt, Eileen tells Jason that as soon as Todd is discharged from hospital he’s moving back home. Eileen, Jason, Julie and Sean visit Todd in hospital. Todd demands a mirror and is horrified to see the extent of his injuries. The doctor confirms it’s likely he’ll be scarred for life and he shouts at his family to get out.

Knowing Sally suspects something is going on, Tim tries to back out of his reading lesson, but Anna points out he’s doing it for Faye. Tim calls in the factory with flowers for Sally leaving her suspicions heightened.

Katy announces she wants to train as a paramedic, but Chesney’s scathing while Yasmeen is supportive; Gary and Alya continue their secret relationship.