The boys are enjoying a few beers at Dan’s house for Peter’s bucks night when Dan announces they’re off on a surprise trip to the Rocket Club. Ric and Brad realise it’s the place where Martha works and when they arrive, they ask the bar manager Cindy where Martha is – Cindy tells them she’ll be out soon.

The music begins and Dan, Peter and the rest of the boys take their stage-side seats, cheering at the sight of a scantily clad woman on stage. But as the woman turns around, the boys are shocked when they realise the sexy dancer is actually Martha.

Colleen takes delivery of a letter for Amanda as she cleans the house in preparation for her hen night. Kelli panics when she hears about the letter, especially when she realises Belle picked it up earlier on with all the other wedding telegrams.

When Belle finally arrives, Kelli spots the unopened letter sticking out of her bag, and tries but fails to grab it. But Kelli breathes a sigh of relief when an emotional Amanda reads out an apology letter from Kitty, explaining why she can’t come to the wedding.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday June 15*

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