Leanne, George, Eve and Ciaran busily prepare for the hard-hat party at the new bar. Peter invites Ken and Dierdre to the bash, but Ken stubbornly refuses to go and Deirdre’s frustrated at his attitude. The party is in full swing when Peter secretly starts on the champagne and gets drunk quickly. Later, Ken decides he should support his son and walks into the bar to find Peter throwing back the booze.

An excited Steve tells Liz Becky’s pregnant, but she must keep the news to herself. Becky’s annoyed to discover Steve hasn’t kept quiet about the baby, but Steve’s quick to point out that she’s told Claire so they’re quits.

Rick the debt-collector calls at No 8 and he won’t let the matter drop, insisting he needs cash from Joe. A terrified Joe tells him that it is all in hand and he has got a plan.

Also, Liz and Betty are horrified to realise they accidentally gave Enid Crump an old hotpot that was well past its sell-by date; Trevor and Janice’s friendship continues to grow as they enjoy a fry-up; Hayley goes to salsa class alone when Anna is forced to drop out.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Ken, Deirdre and Leanne watch on in horror as a drunken Peter makes a fool of himself in front of everyone, including the local press. Oblivious to the scene he’s causing, Peter sets off in search of more alcohol. George and Eve are shocked at his behaviour and a devastated Leanne is grateful when they offer to look after Simon.

Back at home Leanne cries, blaming herself for ever thinking the new bar was a good idea. Later, Peter returns home even more drunk and realises what a mess he’s made of things. He sits with his head in his hands hating himself for being so weak.

Joe tells Tina about his debts, but insists he’s going to sort out his own mess. He packs his rucksack for the trip to the Lakes and, telling Gail he’s managed to bring the trip forward, insists she books the time off work. Joe hugs Tina telling her he loves her, leaving his daughter slightly unsettled by his mood.

Liz and Betty are relieved to hear that Enid is blaming her food poisoning on the amount she drank and not the hotpot.

Also, Hayley enjoys her salsa class; Becky and Steve tell Roy, Hayley and Betty about her pregnancy.

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