Peter’s drinking causes a catastrophe

Peter wakes with a hangover and Simon has to make his own breakfast to make it in time for school. Peter turns up late for work and he’s horrified when a fed-up Michelle quits as she’s had enough of his unreliable behaviour. Peter returns home and hits the bottle and tells a worried Simon he doesn’t feel up to reading him a story. As Peter drifts into a drunken sleep, his fingers loosen around his burning cigarette and it drops to the floor…

Tara introduces Dev to her star photographer Justin and tells him she’s commissioned him to do some more pieces. Dev’s inwardly cringing, knowing his previous pictures were bought by him, not a customer. Tara’s furious with Dev when he tries to curb her enthusiasm.

Maria is annoyed that her plan to pair Natasha off with Tom failed when Natasha arrives back on the street boasting about spending another fantastic night with Tony. Struggling with her own irrational behaviour Maria is then frosty with Tony when he calls by to arrange a business meeting.

Also, Julie is unenthusiastic when Kirk tells her he wants them to get a place together; Paula has lunch with Eileen but makes a quick exit when Colin appears.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter’s cigarette sets fire to the carpet and as the flat fills with smoke a terrified Simon wakes and calls Deirdre to tell her the flat is on fire. Simon desperately tries to drag a semi-conscious Peter out of the flat, but they stumble and Peter falls on top of Simon and traps him. Ken and Deirdre rush to the bookies after calling 999. Tony and Luke break the door down and manage to get Peter and Simon out and they are rushed to hospital as the fire is doused.

Tara is stunned when she walks in to find Dev and Minnie with the framed photos he asked her to buy from the gallery. Dev confesses that he bought them to boost her confidence and a humiliated Tara packs her bags and storms out. A gutted Dev drowns his sorrows at the Rovers and ends up drinking with Prem’s accountant Lisa. After one too many, Dev invites Lisa back to his flat…

Kirk reveals to Chesney that he knows he’s been bunking off school. Fiz confronts Chesney about skiving off class and asks if anything’s wrong, but Chesney won’t open up.

Also, Maria and Tony share an awkward moment; Rita plans a surprise party for Colin’s 70th birthday.

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