Leanne and Peter have spent a night of passion together. Peter’s elated, as is Simon, but later when Simon mentions Michelle‘s name, Leanne becomes suspicious that she’s still not had the whole truth from him. After tricking Michelle into divulging her one-night stand with Peter, Leanne confronts him. Branding Peter a compulsive liar she tells him they’re finished. Gutted, Peter tells Blanche he’s blown it with Leanne but knowing what she means to him Blanche goes to talk to her. Urging her to consider Simon’s feelings, she says if Leanne intends to leave again she must stay away for good.

Sally excitedly prepares for her holiday as Kevin books himself and Molly a motel room for tomorrow afternoon. But things go wrong for Molly and she’s gutted to learn that Jack’s leaving drinks clash with her planned tryst with Kevin.

Norris informs Emily that Ramsay’s funeral is set for tomorrow, although he doubts anyone will be interested. Frustrated by his lack of emotion Emily suggests to Norris that he give the eulogy.

Also; Eileen’s less than impressed when John the parrot turns up in her backyard. Jesse however is delighted.

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