Peter’s off-hand treatment leaves Tina miserable

Peter and Tina make love in Peter’s flat, but Tina’s left feeling hurt and very much ‘the other woman’ when Peter starts looking at his watch. Carla arrives home to find Peter fresh from the shower and he leads her to the bedroom. Peter easily switches between wife and mistress, but Tina is starting to feel sick of playing second fiddle.

Owen and Gary tell a worried Valerie that they have no idea where Phelan is. Anna’s worried Phelan did a runner because he made a pass at her and she tells Owen of her worry. But as Gary and Owen head home, they find a bruised Phelan lurking in the shadows and it’s clear he’s set on revenge.

Dev’s mortified that he tried to kiss Stella in front of everyone. He apologises to her for misreading the signals and Stella assures him they’re still mates, but it can’t stop him feeling miserable on his birthday.

Also, Sophie tells Maddie she’s quitting her voluntary job. Maddie’s devastated but does her best to hide it; Andrea’s unimpressed to learn that Lloyd once tried to kiss Stella too.