Carla’s left feeling thwarted when her attempts to get Peter alone are unsuccessful. Desperate to tell Peter about her pregnancy, she’s on edge and snaps at Eva and Kirk in the factory. When Peter finds a glum Carla on Maxine’s bench, she finally drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant, leaving Peter reeling.

Phelan remains suspicious when Owen and Gary deny all knowledge of the break-in at his house and Anna’s left worried when Katy is unable to drum up any business. But it seems Phelan has a part to play in the lack of work available as he twists the knife further to get his revenge.

Sally’s feeling increasingly concerned about Sophie and Maddie’s relationship and feels Maddie has outstayed her welcome. Kevin offers to have a word with Sophie about Maddie moving out.

Also, Gail’s left feeling sick when the police call at No 8 hoping that Gail and Kylie can identify the intruder from some photos; and Julie and Sally plan a ladies’ night at the Bistro.