Lauren reluctantly agrees to Peter’s plea to visit Jake, as Peter continues to play detective to track down Lucy’s killer. At the tube station, Peter gets into a scrap after trying to find the unlicensed cab driver who picked up Lucy the night she was murdered. Returning from the prison, Lauren sees a bloodied Peter and helps him out. When Lauren admits she’s not sure if Jake is guilty, they decide to investigate further.

Tina is still in the doghouse with Tosh for the previous day’s disaster. Determined to put things right, Tina comes up with a cheeky plan. After sneaking the numbers for Tosh’s workmates from Tosh’s phone, Tina invites them all to the Vic for the Vic’s new sign unveiling. Tina has stuck Tosh’s face over Queen Victoria’s! Touched by the romantic gesture, Tosh makes up with Tina.

Sonia feels miserable as she watches Tina and Tosh’s warm reunion. In the Vic toilets, Sonia is awkward when Bianca confronts her about her feelings for Tina. Dot comes out of a cubicle, having overheard, and is disappointed in Sonia for betraying Martin. Little do they know that a furious Tosh is listening in one of the cubicles.