Pete’s in hot water with the police!

Pete gets a big shock when he’s accused of selling ecstasy which resulted in a girl dying, but that’s not all –  he’s arrested for supplying drugs, too! At the beginning of the year, when the Bartons were in a financial mire, Pete sold drugs to raise cash for his family, so that part of the allegation is true, but whether it led to someone’s death is unclear. What is certain, however, is that Debbie isn’t going to react well to the news.

Having been forced to go through the rigmarole of being interviewed for the estate manager job, Robert’s gutted to learn that Lawrence has given the position to Nicola so heads to the pub to drown his sorrows. After he leaves the pub, Ross spots that he’s left his car keys behind and, with Aaron’s help, strips the car for parts, but it’s not long before Robert finds them and goes to call the police. However, he soon thinks better of it and decides to blackmail the pair instead. He wants them to help him with a plan to get back at Lawrence.

While Robert’s gutted to have lost out on the plum job at Home Farm, Nicola’s thrilled that she’s the new estate manager. Meanwhile, Jimmy thinks his plan to scupper Nicola’s baby-making has worked, but he quickly realises she’s got other ideas…