Anna’s trial begins and, lying through his teeth, Phelan paints Anna to be the villain, making out she pushed Seb off his ladder. Anna looks at him with pure hatred. Seb’s next up in the witness box, will he go against Phelan?

Sarah wishes Gary luck and hopes Anna’s court case goes well. Bethany’s unimpressed and when Sarah asks her to babysit so she can meet Gary for a drink, Bethany lies, telling her she can’t as she’s working at a Mexican restaurant.

Gemma’s thrilled when she wins a night in a hotel and can’t wait to tell Henry. But he dampens her spirits, making out it’s his birthday and he has a family gathering.

When Toyah overhears Carla reminiscing about old times with Peter, she decides it’s time she engaged her enemy. But when Michelle overhears Toyah telling Leanne that she can’t stand Carla and is only pretending to be friends so she can keep an eye on her a row ensues.

Geraldine accosts Billy on the doorstep but he sticks to his story that he’s heard nothing from Todd and Summer.

First episode of the evening.