Owen and Gary confess to Anna that they knew about Phelan making a pass at her and that Gary sought revenge and almost killed Phelan. They decide they need to pull their money out of the mill project, but when they announce their intention to Phelan, he laughs in their faces and shows them the CCTV footage of Gary beating him up. It seems he’s planning to blackmail them.

Wanting to make it up to Tina for putting Carla first, Peter tells her he’s booked a night in a swanky hotel, but he’s horrified when Carla answers his mobile and takes a call from the hotel. Peter quickly pretends the booking was a surprise for her, but when Carla boasts about the hotel in the Rovers, Tina is fuming.

Deirdre plans lunch in the bistro with Liz and Eileen to try and build some bridges, but Eileen makes her disapproval of Liz and Tony’s relationship known and the women end up rowing.

Also, Maddie calls in the corner shop to see Sophie and surprises her with a kiss.