After being berated by Tim to speed up the move Eileen tells Liz she has no choice but to move away. Phelan convinces Eileen to go with him to check out a possible cottage for a week. Meanwhile Seb overhears talk of the concrete being dug up and hears one of the workers calling Phelan to fill him in on the news. Convinced that Phelan buried the gun that killed Luke in the cement he asks Tim and Gary to help him retrieve it.

Leanne and Peter are increasingly worried about Simon’s behaviour prompting Peter to confide in Carla. When Carla spots Simon in the street with the gang she heads over. Is she in over her head?

Jenny confides in Rita that Johnny is not prepared to spend time looking at potential Spanish villas with her.

Audrey is told she will have to stay in hospital longer with her injuries. Summer asks Aidan for a job at the factory despite him saying no already.

First episode of the evening.