Is this the end for Phelan as he desperately tries to dispose of the bodies for a second time?

Phelan falls into the unset concrete when he drops his phone while hiding the bodies...again!

As Eileen puts the finishing touches to the party an uneasy Phelan arrives at the Mill to discover the pumping of the lake is well underway. As the day draws to a close and the workmen leave he is horrified to see one of the bodies emerging from the subsiding water. He manages to pull both bodies out and exhausted he drops them both in a column mould in the foundations of the mill and turns on the concrete. Back at the house the party is starting and Eileen calls Pat to see where he has got to. As his phone buzzes the vibration causes it to drop off scaffolding and into the foundations – and as he tries to retrieve it Phelan falls into the unset concrete….

Unaware of Kate and Rana’s reunion an oblivious Sophie invites Kate round for tea, Rosie also invites Imran and the pair are forced to accept. But when Sally raises a toast to Sophie and Kate an uncomfortable Kate realises she has to let Sophie go and asks to speak to her alone…

Fiz is annoyed when Tyrone tells her how much help Sean has been whilst she was away.

First episode of the evening.