What will Phelan do when he sneaks in to Nicola’s flat and finds Seb?

Phelan is furious while Seb is oblivious to the danger he is in...

Liz invites Eileen for lunch at the Bistro by way of an apology for slagging off Pat. But as the drinks flow Liz can’t stop herself from warning her friend that Phelan is bad news, will Eileen listen? Meanwhile Phelan goes to Nicola’s flat and is furious seeing Seb there, Seb is oblivious to Phelan being in the flat as he has his headphones on. When Nicola takes a call from the police re. an intruder in the flat Seb wonders if Phelan is behind it.

Billy asks Eva to have Summer for the day explaining he doesn’t feel too well. Sarah is shocked to see Billy’s brother Lee heading up to Billy’s flat and visibly shaken she tells David. Will he confront Lee? And Is the game up for Billy? Oblivious to Lee being spotted Billy is grateful for his help.

Liz joins Johnny at Roy’s allotment and over a bottle of brandy she starts to question his plans to leave his family behind and move to Spain. Johnny is given food for thought.

Michelle tries to win round Ali with a specially made vegan curry and Shona is unimpressed by David rolling in drunk after another night out with Josh.