Phelan fobs Eileen off again in Corrie

Pat Phelan is forced to think on his feet when Eileen asks to be involved in the building project.

How will Phelan react when Eileen insists she wants to be involved in the building project? Later, Eileen tells Todd that if can’t be civil to Phelan he can find somewhere else to live. Will Billy let him move into the vicarage?

Sarah’s incensed when Lauren makes out to the Head Teacher that she’s the victim. The Head calls for order, announcing he’s suspending Lauren and Bethany. As Sarah thanks Gary for his support, he suggests Bethany might be pushing herself too hard at the gym.

With Sally acting as mediator, Craig and Beth try to sort out their differences.

Dev promotes Gemma to Assistant Manager. Gail confides in Audrey that she found David’s bloodstained hoodie under his pillow.