Eileen wonders where Phelan has got to while he loses consciousness in the rising concrete

Eileen and Tim drive to the Mill to look for Phelan but will they get there in time to rescue him?

With the party in full swing, Eileen is desperately trying to get hold of Phelan but to no avail so Tim offers to run her to the Mill to see if he is there. Meanwhile, as the bad weather intensifies the scaffolding falls on Phelan and he finds himself trapped in the rising concrete unable to pull himself out. As he loses consciousness will Tim and Eileen get there in time or is this the end of Phelan?

Sophie tells Rosie and Imran that Kate has dumped her. Imran confronts Rana but she tells him to back off, as Zeedan has give them the go ahead for her and Kate to be together.

Sally and Dev have to deal with a very drunken Gina at the party. Tyrone is upset about Fiz’s lack of support for his boxing training. Eva tries to cheer up Summer who is missing Billy.

Second episode of the evening