Phelan makes Michael look like a fool

Jason’s horrified to find Michael lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs. Feigning concern, Phelan phones an ambulance. But when Michael spots Phelan at his bedside, he reveals how Andy overheard Phelan flogging Jason’s tools. But Phelan presents Jason with the tools, explaining how he didn’t steal them but instead had them polished and It’s clear Eileen, Jason and Andy believe him.

Norris is thrilled when Tim admits he spent a night in the cells, while Rita’s furious with Jenny for humiliating Sally. Meanwhile, Norris celebrates his political victory until Sally arrives and makes an impassioned speech.

Aidan, Eva and Billy find Marta living rough in the park and she tells them she wants to return to Poland. Billy takes her to the O’Driscolls, explaining she needs her passport. Insisting she’ll deal with Marta, Julia O’Driscoll ushers her inside and closes the door on Billy.

Kylie advises Bethany to stand up to her bullies. When Zeedan cooks a meal for Alya and Rana, Yasmeen suggests Rana could bunk up with Alya and stay the night.