Gary visits Anna in prison, shocked at the state of her he resolves to expose Phelan’s lies. Phelan is furious Seb has accepted a job working with Gary on a building project and throws him out. But his anger turns to horror when he realises the mill conversion Gary’s working on is where he buried Andy’s and Vinny’s bodies!

Alya and Luke are convinced the Parker brothers are behind the break-in. Meanwhile Luke’s puzzled when he finds another wire model house in the cab office. Eileen explains she found it in the house that Phelan was working on before it burnt down. His mind whirring Luke calls Andy’s friend Matt telling him he doesn’t believe that Andy’s backpacking in Belize

After talking to Daniel Sinead pours her heart out to Beth, unsure if she can go ahead with the wedding.

Robert’s suspicious when he clocks Michelle handing over the flat keys to Kate and Rana. Are the girls about to be caught in the act?

Roy arrives for Carla’s birthday lunch shaken up, having found himself mixed up in the garage robbery.

Second episode of evening.