Anna confides in Izzy how Phelan painted himself as the victim to Kevin. Meanwhile, Phelan tells a horrified Kevin that after the project with Owen turned sour, Gary knocked him unconscious. Kevin confronts Anna wanting to know why Gary attacked Phelan, but she remains tight lipped. Gary’s furious when he sees Phelan working at the Arches and makes a grab for him. As Phelan feigns terror, Kevin rushes to his aid.

Tracy tells Todd she’s waiting for the right time and place to drop Carla and Robert’s bombshell. Meanwhile, Carla tells the police that one of the robbers mentioned Steph’s name so they call in the bistro looking for her.

Sally attempts to drum up support for her council campaign. Audrey encourages an optimistic Ken to follow his heart’s desire. Norris is unimpressed when Mary arrives for their drink with Brendan in tow.

Rita’s unnerved to read a message from someone on her tablet.