Anna calls Gary from prison and tells him that Eileen has taken Phelan’s side again and her only hope is Seb. Gary implores Seb to help Anna but Seb’s scared witless and reveals that Phelan killed Luke and he’s worried he could be next. Stunned Gary reports Phelan to the police for the murder of Luke. Eileen’s suspicions are reignited as the police take Phelan in for questioning.

Toyah tells Eva that Peter’s been acting strangely for weeks and she reckons he’s hiding something. Meanwhile, Eva goes for a dating scan and is in shock as she tells Shona that she’s 17 weeks pregnant. Who is the daddy?

Craig calls at the lap dancing club and interrupts Bethany mid-dance, telling her that he’s reached a decision…

As Billy works with his physio he’s told he can go home tomorrow. Eileen reveals that Todd’s been in touch with Jason to say he and Summer are fine. As Sean hands over the lingerie samples to Aidan, he’s horrified to see they’ve been deliberately damaged. Hope tells Sean that Ruby was responsible. Simon continues to play up.

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