Kevin offers to fix Phelan’s van for free by way of an apology for Anna’s behaviour. Finding Anna alone in the cafe, Phelan turns the cafe sign to closed and threatens her, demanding she make a public apology. Pinning Anna against a wall, Phelan tells her he can have her any time he wants, but Kevin suddenly arrives!

Michelle, Johnny and Gail are upset to hear Carla and Nick’s plans to move away and later Nick breaks the news to Robert, Steph and Andy that he plans to sell the bistro. With Tracy egging him on, Robert tells Nick he’d like first refusal to buy it.

Tim starts at Streetcars, but Eileen and Michael are unimpressed when it becomes clear he knows nothing about the business and his only interest lies in the biscuit tin.

Cathy realises realise she switched off the fridge and freezer in the cafe and all the food is wasted. Steph’s unimpressed to discover she has to work on her 21st birthday because Andy forgot to book the evening off. Rana calls in the bistro and flirts with Zeedan.