Phelan tries to kiss Anna

Anna confides in Izzy how much she’s dreading dinner with Phelan. Phelan’s delighted when he gets a text from Anna telling him to come to the house. A disgusted Anna tells him she wants him to stop flirting with her, but Phelan has other ideas and makes his sordid intentions clear as he moves in for a kiss.

Rita’s putting on a brave face, but Norris is aware that deep down she’s desperately hurt. When Tina, Emily and Mary call in the Kabin proffering birthday presents and offering sympathy for the way Dennis treated her, Rita’s brave façade slips and she admits she had the worst birthday ever.

As Sean confesses to Eileen that he never stood a chance with Todd, as Todd’s in love with someone else. Eileen puts two and two together and confronts Todd about Marcus.

Also, Mary and Chesney are pleased to see that Roy seems to be getting back on track; and Kal tells Dev he’s had to borrow money from his dad for the gym.