Phelan and Vinny need Eileen back onside

Pat Phelan turns on the charm to ensure Eileen keeps the money flowing in Corrie.

Vinny reminds Phelan that if they can keep the game up for another two months then they’ll be on a beach sipping cocktails enjoying their new wealth. Can Phelan charm his way back in to Eileen’s good books?

When David returns from the hospital, the family liaison officer tells him that he’ll no longer be required to give evidence at Clayton’s trial. Later, an incensed David admits to Nick that he went to the hospital to see Macca.

Bethany breaks down and explains to her mum that exercise helps take her mind off everything that’s happening at home and school. Will Sarah agree to renew her gym membership?

When Tim and Steve enjoy a game of football with Tommy but things take a dramatic turn…