It’s all kicking off in the Rovers as Jason locks horns with Aidan and Phelan wades in. But Johnny comes to Aidan’s rescue and punches Phelan. Later, Phelan gives Jason a comforting hug when he admits he’s missing his dad. Johnny apologises to Phelan, but he’s unimpressed and promises he’ll have his revenge. Having overheard their exchange, Jenny’s intrigued.

Having overheard Nick on the phone, Carla wonders who he was talking to. Later, Nick confides in David that his scan is booked for Monday and if it proves he can’t be a proper husband, then he can’t marry Carla.

Annoyed at having been stood up, Rana heads to No 6 and is stunned when Zeedan dumps her, explaining he won’t be messed around. Later, Alya’s impressed when Zeedan explains that Rana got what she deserved.

When she hears that Nessa is moving to Inverness, Cathy promises Alex he can come and live with her and Roy. Ken’s disappointed when Kylie and Freddie gatecrash his date with Audrey. Lee begs Billy for more money.