Pheobe and Ash get hot and heavy

Phoebe and Ash discuss how people take life too seriously, so they decide to skinny dip. Afterwards, they run back to the caravan park and nearly kiss.

Nate and Kat spot Billie face down in water by the beach. They rush over and Nate revives her by giving her mouth-to-mouth. As Kat calls help, Billie wakes up. Later, Billie thanks Nate for saving her life and gives him a pair of boxing gloves as a present.

Zac lets off steam at the gym and Chris offers to buy him lunch. As the pair tuck into their food, VJ tells Zac he needs to hurry home. As he rushes home, Leah is waiting for him and asks Zac to marry her and he says yes!

Kyle has told the rest of the family that Brax is dead. Later, alone and grieving he bumps into Phoebe and asks her to think about giving their relationship another go.