Pheobe gives Brax some sound advice

Phoebe tells Kyle he needs to stand up to Brax, so the pair decide to turn Angelo’s into a music venue without consulting him. When Brax finds out he’s livid, but Kyle refuses to change his mind. Phoebe tells Brax he needs to give Kyle respect so he tells Kyle that he and Ricky are trying for a baby. Kyle appreciates Brax’s honesty and decides to return the music equipment.

Maddy and Oscar agree to remain friends and Oscar confides in Maddy that he’s being bullied at his Community Service program. Maddy walks him to the bus stop and decides to give him a kiss on the cheek when she sees the bully, Mitch, staring. Mitch torments Oscar about Maddy, and Oscar retaliates by punching him.

Sasha’s still annoyed with Matt over the poem and is worried about her leadership position on the school’s Enterprise program. Matt returns to school with pizza for the class using bribery to win the chance to present to local business leaders. Upset at his dirty tactics, Sasha helps Spencer prepare to crush Matt in the final.