Roxy is outraged when Phil accuses Sean of burglary and she insists that Sean is innocent. But she can’t shake her own doubts and is horrified when she finds a roll of money in Sean’s pocket. Sean makes an excuse about where he got the money from, but Roxy later catches him red-handed with the stolen goods in the allotment summerhouse and she insists he return everything. Later, Archie lets slip to an infuriated Sean that Roxy agreed to let Archie pay for a flat.

Phil thanks Shirley for helping out with Ben and they share a moment, but it is broken by an interruption from Suzy. Later, Ben decides to cause a bit of mischief when he challenges Shirley and Suzy to a cake competition for a prize for the Children In Need raffle.

Tanya is going through things with the police and insists that she hit Max by accident. But her story is scuppered when she is told that there was a witness. Jack blackmails Turner to get the name of the witness and learns that it was Stacey. Meanwhile, Max is in a bad way and is taken into surgery for a ruptured spleen.

Also, Masood is refused a bank loan for the restaurant.

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