Phil and Jack hunt for Sean

Jean has been in contact with Sean and she visits him and the baby in a dingey squat. Meanwhile, Jack and Phil get a tip-off about Sean’s whereabouts from his contacts, but Sean escapes detection when they break into the wrong squat. Later, Jean takes Stacey to the squat, but she’s confused to find Sean and the baby gone. They find a picture of the Mitchells with most of the faces scratched out and worry about Sean’s intentions…

Whitney is gutted when the letter she sent to her mum is returned unopened and Bianca is frustrated that she is fixated on finding her natural mum. Janine is suspicious that Bianca’s hiding something and confronts her, but Bianca tells her to mind her own business. Later, Janine searches through Bianca’s address book and is triumphant when she finds a more recent address for Whitney’s mum.

Max visits Tanya and learns her trial is set for the end of the week. Max begs Tanya to change her plea and promises her that they can get through it together and once she’s back he will stay out of her way. Tanya is moved by Max’s words and it looks like he may have convinced her.

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