Max warns Phil that he needs to play a long game with Jack but it’s not Phil’s style and he decides to confront Jack. Phil challenges Jack to a game of pool and as the two men play, they attempt to verbally get one up on each other. Max turns up and Jack loses his cool when he realises that Max has told Phil about his past. Phil ups the stakes on the game and lays down half of the pub in return for Jack wagering his stake in the club…

Meanwhile, Tanya’s waters break and she panics when she realises that Max is out of the house and he hasn’t taken his mobile. Max turns up but Tanya reveals that the baby is well on its way and she doesn’t think she’ll make it to the hospital!

Billy is chucked out of the council office for getting violent. Billy slopes back to the Square and admits to Honey that not only are they broke, he’s also been sacked from the stall. Honey is devastated that Billy has been lying to her. A broken Billy sees Peggy’s charity box and he can’t help himself. He steals the box and takes the cash.

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