Sharon wants to ease Ian’s pain the best she can. Resolving to visit Jake ahead of his hearing she wants to persuade him to plead guilty and get the trial over with as quickly as possible. When Phil finds out what she’s planning, he insists on coming along. In the prison, a defiant Jake insists he’s not guilty, refusing to change his plea.

After hearing Jake’s version of events, Phil begins to suspect that Jake is telling the truth and had nothing to do with Lucy’s murder. Back in Walford, Phil and Sharon discuss the day’s events. Sharon confesses that she overheard Cindy talking to Ian on the day of Lucy’s funeral and discovered that Ian gave the police a false alibi for his whereabouts on the night of Lucy’s murder.

Aleks is having trouble getting someone else to rent his spare room now that Jake’s in prison. Confronting Tina and Tosh, he warns them that they’ll have to make up the missing rent. Realising that they won’t be able to afford it, Tina comes up with a plan, asking Dean to move in with them.

Also, the Butcher household does its best to get back to normal after the previous week’s events.