Vincent has a run in with Phil, warning him things will change if Sharon doesn’t pitch in more with the bar. Feeling guilty after telling Buster he doesn’t need his help any more, Vincent invites Buster, Shirley and Dean for Libby’s birthday dinner, despite Denise’s request that they stay away. When Denise finds Claudette cooking dinner they argue, just as Libby arrives. Libby takes a call from Chelsea, telling her she hasn’t told Denise the news. But what’s she hiding?

Meanwhile, after discovering Vincent has changed the name of the bar to ‘Pearl’s’, Phil sees red. Walking in on the attack, Buster quickly leaves.

Pam insists to a worried Paul that everything is OK. It’s clear she’s having trouble believing her own words. When she visits Les only to find Claudette there looking at a newspaper article on the centenary event, Pam is rattled. After Paul apologises to Pam for his unfounded suspicions, Pam admits she is privately worried.

Jane visits Carol to ask her what she knows about the night Lucy died. Relieved when Carol has no information to help Max, Jane can’t help feeling guilty seeing how much Carol is hurting. Later, Jane and Ian are uncomfortable when Carol wants more shifts to pay for a new solicitor for Max.

Also, Roxy agrees to be Dean’s date at Libby’s party.