Phil worries after announcing that Darren will take George when Shirley wants to keep him. Shirley heads to the pub and is furious when Dot says she was wrong to accuse Andrew of murder. Shirley smashes the CD that Andrew gives her containing music for Heather’s funeral. Phil tells Shirley he’ll do anything to ease her hurt, but when she suggests marriage he says she’s asking him for the wrong reasons.

Shirley learns Janine has ordered Billy to clear out Heather’s flat and heads round there to stop him. When Phil calls to say that a social worker has turned up to take George, Shirley thinks Dot is responsible. Phil admits that he called social services and insists it’s for the best. Meanwhile, Jay can’t believe that Ben isn’t more tortured by Heather’s death.

Michael’s annoyed when Janine brings up the pre-nup again and makes a quick exit. Later, Michael loses his key fob and, unaware of its sentimental value, Janine refuses to help him look for it. Jean kindly helps Michael find the key fob. Jean tells Michael that although she doesn’t like Janine, if she makes him happy then that’s the most important thing.

Also, Alfie gives Billy his share of the money from the booze scam.