Phil is badly bruised after his run in with Isaacs. Isaacs calls Phil and threatens to go after his family. Phil discovers that Grant can’t get hold of the money after all and Phil swallows his pride and arranges a short-term loan from Ian. Ian wants the Vic put up as security. Meanwhile, Max talks Rachel into visiting and lending him money ‘for Bradley’. Rachel leaves but accidentally hasn’t signed the cheque. Rachel hires Masood to drive her home but a tired Masood crashes the car…

Amira plans an afternoon with Syed, but Masood asks her to take Zainab out to cheer her up. Syed encourages Amira and as soon as they are gone he heads over to see Christian. Syed talks to Christian about his childhood. Christian tells Syed he loves him and pushes Syed to say the same.

Whitney is upset when there’s nothing in the post for her. Tiff skips school and confesses to Whitney that Bobby is bullying her. Whitney encourages Tiff to stand up for herself and Ricky as to separate them when Tiff attacks Bobby. Ricky has a go at Whitney for telling Tiff to fight Bobby. Ricky is upset that he can’t reveal he’s Tiff real dad when Whitney tells him that Tiff is her sister and it’s none of his business.