Phil breaks down on Ben

*Double episode*

Phil starts to rant about his abusive childhood in front of his shocked family. Ben runs to his room and Phil goes to follow him but Archie begs Phil not to let history repeat itself. Archie reveals that both he and Eric were beaten by their own father and confesses that Eric cheated on Peggy, but stuck with their marriage for his boys.

Phil’s temper has abated and he follows Ben in to his room. An upset and frightened Ben tells Phil that he wants to move in with Ian. Phil is gutted and he opens up to Ben and admits that he watched him dance at the community centre show. Phil struggles to hold back his tears as he tells Ben how special he is and Phil and Ben are reunited.

Ronnie gloats to Roxy that Peggy has called off the engagement and she makes it clear to Archie that he’s not wanted. Archie is furious as Ronnie taunts him and he is at the end of his tether when Sean winds up Archie even further. Peggy stops Archie as he packs his bags and announces to the family that she wants to marry Archie after all. Roxy is delighted but Ronnie is furious…

Max invites a wary Ronnie out for a meal, but when the Argee Bhajee is fully booked he convinces her to come back to his for a takeaway. Max and Ronnie discuss Jack and Tanya and Max suggests that Ronnie could get away with anything – even murder…

Dot gives a depressed Clare a church pamphlet and Clare is thoughtful when Lucas warns her that booze and sex won’t fill an empty existence. Bradley is cynical when Clare buys a bouquet for Dot. Clare decides to leave the Square for good…

Ian catches Masood illicitly delivering Masala Masood leaflets. Masood worries that Ian will report him, but Ian has something else he wants to discuss.

Also, Patrick catches Suzy trying to dig up something at the allotment.

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