Phil ‘breaks up’ with Sharon

Phil is panicked by Shirley’s threats and turns up at Jack’s to tell Sharon not to listen to her. Jack warns Phil that Social Services will find out the truth eventually. When Phil learns that foster worker Dave has arranged a spot check, he’s sure it’s down to Shirley. Phil tells Sharon they’ll be fine as long as they stick to their story.

So Sharon is shocked when a stressed Phil, worried that social worker Dave’s trying to trip him up, blurts out that he and Sharon have split up. Explaining to Sharon that he felt he needed to get in first before anyone else grassed them up, he later warns Jack that if they lose Lexi, he’ll hold him responsible.

Alfie asks Kat about the magic scented candles when Jean reveals she used one to help Tommy get to sleep. When Kat says they were from the Minute Mart, he discovers she’s lied after trying to buy one from Denise. His suspicions aroused, Alfie is rattled to learn Kat closed early one night while he was away. When he asks Kat about the candles again, he wonders why she’s lying when she insists they were from the Minute Mart.

Also, Cora applies for Dot’s old position at the launderette.