Phil brings Shirley home

Phil fears Carl has murdered Shirley when Carl leads him to a deserted patch of ground. Instead, Phil finds Shirley still very much alive, having been living with her sister Tina. After some convincing, Phil talks Shirley into returning to Walford. Back in the Square, Phil is wary when he turns up at the Arches to find the door unlocked. Inside, Carl is waiting for Phil with a warning, insisting that if anything happens to him, he’s arranged for jailbird Ben to pay the price.

Max intervenes when Lauren confronts Carl, sick of the whole sorry mess. Still wound up about Max’s imprisonment, Lauren takes her anger out on Peter. Devastated when Peter reveals that Ian really did lie and he and Lucy knew all along, Lauren finds comfort in Jake’s arms. Feeling vulnerable, Lauren lets slip the ‘L’ word, and is relieved when he seems to feel the same way.

Meanwhile, Ian keeps a low profile in the wake of the trial, accepting sympathy from an oblivious Denise, who reassures him he’s done nothing wrong. When Peter pressures Ian for the truth, Ian confesses that if he hadn’t have been kidnapped he would have testified against Max as planned. Finding out the truth, a disappointed Denise finishes with Ian.