Phil can’t control Ian

Ian insists on going ahead with the wedding, despite Mandy grieving for her mum. When Max reveals Ian’s credit card has been rejected, Ian gets increasingly panicky. Phil worries about Ian’s erratic behaviour and gives Max money to tide Ian over and calm him down. Phil finally snaps with Ian and threatens him when he won’t listen to reason about not leaving. Mandy wants to cancel the wedding but he wins her round, much to Lucy’s horror.

Tyler asks Derek to give him and Whitney some space that evening as he wants to cook a romantic meal. Derek is a bit put out but helps novice cook Tyler with the meal. Tyler feels bad about forcing Derek out of the house and tells him to stay for dinner. Whitney is horrified when she realises Derek is playing gooseberry so Derek makes a hasty exit.

Janine worries that she won’t have time to be hands on with her business empire once the baby arrives and decides she needs Whitney as a live-in nanny. Whitney quashes Janine’s plans as she’s not interested in the job. Michael tells Janine that it’s about time he moved in so he can support her. Meanwhile, Billy offers Jean a job at Butcher’s Joints, unnerving Michael.