Phil’s drinking continues and he ends up reaching a new low, making his family despair of him. In his confused state, Phil determines to fix past mistakes by finding his daughter Louise. When the family won’t help him find her, Phil heads out of the Square, finally tracking her down at school. Handing Louise a bag of money, Phil tells his daughter he’s going away. Louise is shocked when Phil collapses.

Sharon finds a mystery package at Dennis’s bedside and later discovers it’s from Gavin. Returning to the Mitchells’ to collect her stuff, Sharon is shocked to find Gavin. Sick of being lied to, Sharon insists she wants nothing more to do with him. When Gavin finds out that Sharon is leaving Phil he makes her an offer, asking her to go with him so he can make things right.

Shirley has a word with Ben, revealing that she knew Phil was driving the car on Christmas Day. Angry, Ben accuses Shirley of trying to wreck everything. When Kathy turns up, she shares her fears about Phil and the three wonder if there’s anything they can do to help him.