Phil collapses!

Phil learns that Ben is bunking off school. Ben refuses to admit he’s being bullied. Shirley is worried for Ben when Phil wants to speak to Ben’s teacher and she tells Ian and Jane. Ian offers to help Phil with Ben. Phil is suspicious that Ian is trying to get out of paying the blackmail money and makes him beg for mercy. Later, Ian follows Phil into the club and catches him with Glenda. Phil collapses and gasps for help…

Max tells Darren that Jack is joining the car business and the name is being changed to ‘Branning Brothers’. Darren feels pushed out by Jack. Darren has to leave the office early to look after George. Darren is left home alone on his birthday with the baby stuffing envelopes while Max and Jack go for a ride in a flash car.

Christian and Syed argue about the situation they’ve got into with Roxy. Syed is angry that Christian went ahead with the surrogacy idea without discussing it properly with him first. Christian thinks Roxy should take the morning after pill. Syed is uncomfortable with the idea and says they should just pray that she isn’t pregnant. Roxy joins them for lunch and senses an atmosphere.