Phil confronts Heather

Jimmi and Heather are having a relaxing day together when there is a banging at the door. It’s Phil – and he’s on the warpath! Heather tells Phil that he wants him to leave and when he starts to get physical, Jimmi threatens to call the police. Later, Jimmi is relieved when Heather reveals she told Phil the baby wasn’t his.

Seraphina sneaks away from a convent and Mrs Tembe notices blood on her back. When Mrs Tembe visits later she sees Seraphina crying at a window so she calls Rob and the youngster is taken away in an ambulance.

Zara tells Daniel about Joe’s limited vocabulary and poor motor skills. Daniel thinks she’s just being protective, and the burglary hasn’t helped, leaving Zara feeling frustrated that he isn’t taking her seriously.

Also, Niamh asks Emma if Ayesha will be staying any longer, she’s been there all weekend. Emma thinks it might benefit Ayesha.