Phil is in a bad mood, but rather than being back to his old irritable self, he’s having a crisis of confidence as he recovers from his injuries. Learning that Jay is going to Carol’s party, he storms over to drag him out, angry that Jay is spending time with Max’s family, as he still blames Max for the crash. When Ronnie reassures Phil that he doesn’t need to throw his weight around to prove himself, Phil demands some family loyalty.

David presents Carol with a single flower on her birthday. Scheming to show Masood he knows Carol better, he hints Carol would like a party, knowing that Carol hates a fuss. As Carol struggles to be the centre of attention. Masood realises he’s been played. David’s attempt to woo Carol with nostalgia over when they were first in love instead stirs painful memories, pushing her into Masood’s arms.

Lauren is in a good mood, looking forward to meeting up with Jake later, but she’s forced to cancel when it clashes with Carol’s birthday party. Worried that Lauren’s erratic mood could be a sign she’s drinking again, Abi confronts Lauren at the party. She’s relieved when Lauren reveals that she’s got a new bloke, but she’s keeping him quiet for now.