Phil is upset to discover that Jay hasn’t invited him to his leaving dinner. After Abi encourages Jay to sort things out with Phil, Jay visits Phil with a congratulations card. Intending to say he’ll be at the wedding, Jay keeps quiet after Phil throws the card away. A guilty Phil arrives at the dinner to apologise but is stunned when Jay reveals he saw him kissing Shirley. Later, Shirley threatens to end things with Phil after learning Sharon was bragging about her bedroom antics with Phil the previous night.

Alfie tries to cheer up Kat by bringing Tommy to see her, but Tommy is frightened by her burns and runs off. A visit from the consultant makes things even worse when Kat learns that her scars could be permanent. Meanwhile, although the fire inspector is convinced the fire was accidental, Tosh isn’t so sure. Alfie is horrified to learn from Mick that Tosh has told the police the fire must have been started deliberately.

Nancy is worried about Tamwar after learning the Moon fire has shaken him because he was badly scarred in a house blaze. Fearing she upset him, Nancy offers to buy him a drink but he snaps at her, turning her down. Ashamed at taking his fears out on Nancy, Tamwar later apologises.