Phil finds a lifeless Jordan

Minty discovers the Arches is unlocked, but doesn’t see a badly hurt, unconscious Jordan. Meanwhile, Phil sends Ben to the shop and Ben is awkward when he bumps into Lucas who asks if Jordan has been bullying him. Lucas and Denise discover that Jordan has gone missing and they start to search for him.

Phil takes Ben to the Arches and is puzzled when Ben refuses to go in. Phil finds a lifeless Jordan and he calls an ambulance. Ben blurts out that he hit Jordan with a spanner because Phil told him to stand up for himself. Phil realises that Ben could be in serious trouble. He tells his son to keep his mouth shut about what happened and warns Ben that he’d better pray that Jordan doesn’t wake up…

Ryan wants to win his bet with Janine by kissing Stacey. Ryan asks Jean how Stacey is and says he has a t-shirt for the baby. Ryan insists on taking the t-shirt to Stacey himself. Mo gives Ryan a false moustache to dress up like Burt Reynolds. Janine thinks it’s hilarious especially when Ryan puts on the moustache.

Also, Whitney buys Billie tickets to go to a theme park, but he’s starting his army pre-training and can’t go.

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