Ian is horrified by Ben’s revelation that Stella was responsible for his bruises and when Phil turns up he tells him what’s been going on. A worried Phil questions Ben, who admits that he was beaten up by the bullies and Phil assumes that Ian forced Ben to say that Stella hit him. Ben is terrified of what Stella will say and he sneaks out of the flat and hides in the Arches. Stella finds Ben and confronts him, but turns on the charm and says she’ll forgive him, before locking him in the Arches, saying he needs time to think about his actions…

Garry is worried about Dawn after her spat with May and he goes to her flat, but can’t get an answer. Carly lets Garry in with the spare key and they find Dawn passed out on the floor. Dawn is rushed to hospital and a worried Rob turns up and asks to speak to her. A fervent Rob tells Dawn that he’s realised he’s in love with her, but Dawn refuses to believe him.

Stacey is surprised when Max tells her that he’s booked her a holiday with her mum, but she’s suspicious of his motives. Stacey accuses Max of buying himself a hassle-free week without her around to cause problems with Tanya. Later, Max has to cover when Tanya takes a call from a holiday company.

Also, Ian refuses to let a Mitchell rent the Fowler house when Billy asks about moving in with Honey; Yolande helps Dot at the launderette, despite Dot’s ungratefulness.

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